Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Seni Gayung Fatani originally came from the state of Patani, a Malay State in the south of Thailand. It was first brought to Kedah in Malaysia in 1840 by Syeikh Abd. Rahman, a Malay man from Patani. Later his son Tok Yah Ramli expanded this style. Another student from Syeikh Abd. Rahman was Pak Teh Mat Ali who taught this style to Pak Andak Embong.

When it was registered in 1976 as an association under the Government's Club Act, the name was formalized to Seni Gayung Fatani (in Arabic, fatani means wise or having wisdom). This style is the combination of the seni(art) that consists of movements that are soft and holds its own meaning practiced together with muzik silat baku or traditional silat music and also beladiri(self defence) techniques against weapons.


Anonymous said...

wah..sejak ade lense baru ni rajin gi menembak...hehe..bile nak gi menembak skali ni...bole aku tngkap gmba ang ngan model2 ang..kui3..

hizrat azmir said...

huh, nak jugak lense tu...huhu..

weh apsal gmbo2 ni cam ada putih2 sket... effect ka? takpun hang tak gilap depan lense tuh.. :)

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